Our Mission

To live a self-sufficient and organic lifestyle for the next half century. With the Grace of God and the power of prayer, we will succeed. Nothing is impossible with His help. It wouldn't be us without laughter and joy at the Cockeyed Homestead.

Our Cockeyed Critters

The Dogs



The Cats

Whirling Dervish


Lil Bit

The Angora Rabbits

Benjamin (Ermine English buck)
Alby (Ermine English buck)
Angus (REW English buck)
Lil Albert Einstein (self black buck)
Daisy (REW English doe)
Moira (REW English doe)
Cara (REW English/ Satin doe)

Other Rabbits

Early Grey (Lionhead/Jersey Wooly, grey doe)

Snowball (Lionhead/Jersey Wooly BEW buck)

Buddy (BEBrokenCalifornian/Lionhead doe) She's my little buddy.

The Chickens
Lil Red (RIR rooster)
Houdini "Hoo-de-hoo (Buff Orpington rooster)
Broody/Gimpster (New Hampshire Red hen)
Sister "Gimpy Too" (New Hampshire Red hen)
Star (Sexlink hen)
Orange Aide (Buff/RIR cross hen)
Goldie I and II (Buff Orpington hens)
Her Highness ( RIR hen)

Buddy Girl (RIR hen)
Black Butt (RIR/? CROSS hen has black feather on her hinny)
The Girls (4 RIR hens)

The Nygoras