Our Mission

To live a self-sufficient and organic lifestyle for the next half century. With the Grace of God and the power of prayer, we will succeed. Nothing is impossible with His help. It wouldn't be us without laughter and joy at the Cockeyed Homestead.

Our Cockeyed Critters

The Dogs



The Cats

Whirling Dervish

Devon Angel



Lil Bit

The Angora Rabbits

Dustin (English Angora)

Kinley (English Angora)

Tempest (English Angora)

Breeder/Meat/Other Rabbits

Squirt (Lionhead/Jersey Wooly)

Early Grey (Lionhead/Jersey Wooly)

Kiki (Lionhead/Jersey Wooly)

Snowball (Lionhead/Jersey Wooly)

Buddy (Californian/Lionhead)

Kieran (American Chinchilla)

Coleen (American Chinchilla)