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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Homesteading Groups

Homesteading can be a some what solitary existence. There are fields to tend, animals to care for, and household needs that need doing. You can go weeks, if not months, on end without speaking to anyone not directly in your household.

You've got a couple options to rectify the situation. Church, an online presence, or groups of like minded folks that get together to share information. For us at the Cockeyed Homestead, we have several iron in the socialization pot. We create videos on homesteading on YouTube, Mel does the Facebook thing and I blog. We knew about a local Homestead Ladies' group that gets together once a month at our local library. We just never investigated it before.

I went to the library to pick up a book Mel wanted. The library is just up the main road from my pharmacy. I had to pick up my prescriptions anyhow. I combine trips into town when I can. While I was at the library, I asked the librarian when the homestead women met. It was something Mel and I had talked about doing for the last two years. What can I say. I'm like that. It takes time for me to commit the time to join a group. There are so many angles to look at. What's going on on the homestead, do we have sick animals, do I have the energy after all we do during the day, what other commitments do we have that might interfere, etc. etc. etc. I'm sure you have the same concerns in your life too.

Once I commit to doing something...I do it. It's an all in sort of thing so I weigh all other factors carefully. The monthly meetings are at 6:30PM so it shouldn't cut into homesteading time as in animal care. It would cut into our computer time, or our get together and bull sessions, but it's only one night a month. And heck, we might even learn something.

Well, as it turned out, the meeting was at that very evening, but it was almost two hours before it started.  I'd already gotten Mel's book. Doh! I was at the library, but I still had to go to the pharmacy and we had decided on Subway's for dinner. The librarian told me that the group leader was already in the classroom so I popped my head in to introduce myself. She told me that this night attendees were going to build their very own solar ovens and were going to learn how to cook in them. I was interested, but I was well versed in both. I mentally calculated the time it would take to do what I had come into town for. I could just make it if I hurried.

Well, I was filthy. I'd been pulling weeds in the garden and helping Mel expand the rabbit barn out another four feet. Every place I needed to go had a drive-thru except the library. I hadn't planned on meeting and being around people. I told the woman I'd try to be back in time and maybe have Mel with me. I left to do my errands. As the crow flies, the distance is only a 10-mile triangle. I had almost two hours. I might even be able to do a quick wipe down and put on a clean shirt. There I was thinking again.

Remember my post about expect the unexpected? How about Murphy's law and I'm a Murphey. I should have known better.

I went up three blocks to the CVS. I'd gotten a text message saying my medicine was ready for pick up. So all I had to do was drive up, pay for it, and drive away. Except I was the fourth car in line. I forgot my phone at home so I couldn't even call Mel to tell her about the meeting. After 30 minutes waiting in my car with a 100+ heat index, the line of cars hadn't moved. The dashboard clock ticked away the minutes. After 45 minutes, only 1 car had been served. I would really have to fly to make the meeting now, but I could do it. I decided to come back the next day for my medicines and pulled out of the line of cars.

On to Subway's. Once again, I was the fourth car in line. But two of them had already placed their
orders and were waiting to pick up their food. As the truck in front of me placed his order and drove forward, I was rubbing my 4-leaf clover. I could just make it home, change my shirt and get back to the library for the Homestead Ladies meeting. I'd eat afterwards. Mel probably wouldn't come now. After fifteen minutes waiting to be served, the back door of Subway's opens and a worker comes out with a piece of paper. She tapes it onto the order screen. "Drive-thru is closed. PLZ come inside."

The disgust must have shown on my face. She quickly explained that her headset broke and I would be the last customer through the drive thru. I thought, 'Good. The other two cars behind me would have to back up, but I won't have to.' She asked if I knew what I wanted to order. I'd had fifteen minutes looking at their menu board...Doh! She wrote my order on the back of her hand and went back inside. Okay, that worked, I thought as I drove around the building. I saw the truck that ordered before me AND one of the other two cars waiting at the pick up window. ARGH!!! All hopes of attending the meeting faded. When I finally got to the window, they were busy making all the inside orders. They hadn't even started on our sandwiches yet.

The woman saw me pull up and came to the window. She asked me for my order again. When she went inside, she had washed her hands. I saw her put the meat and cheese on our sandwiches, and then she came back to the window, "Did you want them toasted?" I shook my head. I just wanted my sandwiches and go home. I'm pouring sweat as the sun begins to set. She gave me a free cookie and apologized for the wait. It was hour from the time I drove in to the drive-thru and actually was on my way home. I was hot, tired, and frustrated beyond belief. I told Mel about the Homestead Ladies meeting as I pulled the food out of the bag.

"Oh, when is it?"
"It started 30 minutes ago."

There's always next month.
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"Y'all have a blessed day!"

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