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Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Workable Outdoor Kitchen

The plastic is down because of winter rains.
As a former chef, I have some definite ideas of what I want in an outdoor cook place should be. For Mel, what's pictured is workable.  But Mel may grill five stars meats on the Webber, but cooks very rarely.

With my disability, holding anything and climbing up or the two steps is almost impossible. I want and need to make some changes before spring and I start using  it again. So I'm making it more to my liking. It will be my summer cooking and canning station.

I found an 'L" shaped Formica counter top at the ReStore which I snapped up. A double sink was attached for $15. It was bought with the intention of being a butchering counter. Plans change. Now, I'm searching for free or cheap base cabinets. It's almost tax time. Somebody will be re-doing their kitchen and I'll pounce. I'll be painting them anyhow to weatherize them somewhat. Under this makeshift table is where we store our canning equipment, and large pots.

I want access to running water even if it's a hose attached to the faucet. It's essential rather than touching the door jamb and walls to get back into the house to wash my hand. I'd have cabinets under one side and open shelves on the other side. I could get away with only two or three base cabinets. A small refrigerator would be a luxury for drinks, but we basically live out in the porch all summer long. If I can find one cheap enough, I'll get one. The microwave, the toaster oven do work and so does the electric burners. I want to change the burners for my Coleman propane stove. I've bought the connector that changes the gas input from those little canisters to a 20 lb tank so that's ready.  The propane tank will supply a better source of heat under the canners. So really all I need to put it all together is the base cabinets. I can't wait to find some. I can paint them with my kitchen ones.

I just want to have what I need and convenient access to it. I really dislike going back and forth while cooking. Trudging everything outside only to have carry it all inside again. Sure, this may mean having duplicate items, but everything will also have a home too.

Plus the extra counter space won't go to waste in the off season like now either. Remember all those fruit trees we started? They'll have a winter time place to live instead the floor, or our glass top table. I can mount lights and have them hang from the ceiling. More light and warmth for them, and with a quick summer time changes of bulbs more task lights for me. When it's time to start my seeds for spring, summer, and fall plantings the counter will be filled with starters too.

 It will be a more functional space. I can cook, can, and grill to my heart's content. It has the option for multiple uses, which is very important when dealing with smaller  spaces. It's utilitarian. It will be neater and more organized which is always a plus. We won't have to come inside to wash our hands after dealing with the animals. By using mostly what we have on hand, it will be a frugal, sustainable project for very little cash out of pocket. A winning prposition no matter how you look at it. I'll be working smarter not harder..

Y'all have a blessed day!


  1. Another timely post by Jo! We're trying to figure out how to incorporate an outdoor cooking area into our carport re-do. Still in the brainstorming stages, but it's interesting to read how others are thinking through something similar. Your finds are great. Good bargains come to those willing to wait!

    1. Yes, but I'm the impatient sort and want it now! lol


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