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Sunday, May 5, 2019

It's Definitely Springtime!

True meaning of the rhyme aside
"Mistress Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow?"
Well, I don't know about her garden, but the Cockeyed Homestead is starting to green up. The seeds are sprouting there first true leaves and the transplanted tomatoes and peppers are loving these warmer days.

In fact we've only had to water once so far. Mother Nature has been good to us. We harvested some Dandelion seeds last week to plant them where we want them. We've got a spot for these nutritious and medicinal weeds. They can grow and spread to their hearts content. We've also reseeded the bunny patches. Yes, I'm already pulling plantains, clover and grasses for their yearly diet transition. At least as much as my back and abdominal incisions will allow.Yes, the surgery sites are still tender because of all the bending. That's the thing about not being a spring chicken nor a fall hen anymore, you do everything slower including healing. If it wasn't so hard getting up again, I'd kneel or squat. The Golden Years are so great, why are we having such "fun" dealing with 'em?

$27 for a new looking porch
But honestly, I'm enjoying these days. I can take my rest periods with my glass of tea on the porch swing. Yes, the house is going through the yearly transition too. Porches are cleaned off for the warm weather migration. Now that the weather is nicer, I'm investing in the evergreen paint for the porch and shutters. We'll have to invest in some new roller and brushes since the 45 lb puppy, otherwise known as Kassity or chew up everything she can get to, has absconded off somewhere in the deeply wooded property with them. Nothing brightens them exterior  of a house faster than a fresh coat of paint. I'd planned to do this in the fall, but fall lasted two days. Not a lot of bending so it's a perfect job for me. 

A quick sanding job and a new stain would make it almost new again patio set. I may even get new patio chair cushions. The old ones are getting thin. Maybe new foam will suffice. Bennie, our previous German Shepherd, made short work of shredding them. By the time I get the porch done, I should be healed enough from my surgery to do the chairs and table. At least that's the plan.

Y'all have a blessed day!

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