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To live a self-sufficient and organic lifestyle for the next half century. With the Grace of God and the power of prayer, we will succeed. Nothing is impossible with His help. It wouldn't be us without laughter and joy at the Cockeyed Homestead.

For Sale

PC Computer Homesteading Programs
Gone forever are those umpteen dozen notebooks with scribbled through marks. If you need a notebook just print our sheets as needed for an up-to-date, clean looking paper inventory tracking system.

 Food Master List
A Java based program. An inventory software to help you keep track of your canning, freezer, and dry goods. At a glance know what you have, where, and when it was processed for all you food stuff.

You can edit as you use quantities, add to quantities as you process more, write yourself notes like what you liked. what you didn't like, quantities processed, if you run short (or processed too much of), recipes, etc. Say you wanted to know what you canned in 2017 and how much you had left. This program is totally searchable. Just click on the date header. Need a hard copy? No problem. Just send it to your printer. $25 US for 3 food inventories (canning, frozen, dry goods)

Garden Master List 
How many times have you forgotten when you planted what in your garden or orchard? You can't remember everything. What year's notebook is it in? How did you keep track of how much you planted and when? Saved seeds? How long does it take to germinate, what's the maturity date, what's the expected harvest, planting, depths and spacing?  What was your actual harvest from the seed?

This program does it all. $25.00 US

Easy payment option with Paypal.  Downloadable file please specify which program you are ordering.will be sent via email following payment confirmation. 

Master List Livestock- COMING SOON
There's a lot of record keeping where livestock are concerned. Births, deaths, litter size, certified through this or that program, vaccinations, vet visits, tests, problems, sales, purchases, pedigrees, tatoos/tags, how much product from the animal in a year, etc. It can be dizzying mind field keeping track of it all when you have multiples of animals on the homestead. Most homesteads have multiple animals. Even though we are small, we have chickens, meat rabbits, and angora rabbits. Soon we'll be adding dairy and meat goats into the mix.

The record keeping alone is one big paper chase when dealing with a myriad of livestock. How would you like a program that takes the hassle out of this task? Livestock Master List is the answer. Coming soon!

Our yarns- Depends on the number of plys and weight. On average, our spun yarns start at $12 an ounce for blends and upwards of $120 an ounce for beaded art yarn. All our dyes are naturally sourced, plant based dyes. Dye lots are usually about 3 ounces of spun yarn. Larger lots available with time and request. Normally, we spin yarns from late fall and winter and sell our production all year around.

Plarn- Is made from recycled grocery bags and other plastic products. We spin ours for a more uniformed for crocheting and knitting. One lady even does macrame projects with our plarn.  We tend to spin this during spring and summer months for sale. Or, crochet or knit it into beach and grocery bags for personal use or sale. We don't want to spin fiber in 100 degree weather with no air conditioning. Our plarn varies in color tan, white, grey, and blue or combination thereof. It sells for $6 for 50 yards, $11 for 100 yards. The merchandise sells by size. Please inquire with the contact form.

Angora Rabbits
Cockeyed Moira-NFS

Our rabbits are fed grain fodder (a mixture of wheat, oats, barley and black oil sunflower seeds) and wild grasses and plants on our property. They get free choice of Orchard and Timothy hay all day long (organically grown on our property). As a treat, they are given home dried papayas, raisins, cranberries, blueberries, and black oil sunflower seeds in moderation during grooming. During winter, they are fed commercially prepared pellets without animal fats. Pregnant and nursing rabbits are fed alfalfa hay also for milk production.

Handmade on the Homestead 
Mel's Crochet Dish Washcloths
Thick and made with 100% cotton yarn. An indispensable must have for any self sustainable, or wannabe self sustainable home. A finished, perfect hand size 7" square. 6 for $10 or 12 for $20. Please specify color scheme.

Jo's Hand Knitted 4 Bs
Baby bonnet, booties, and bunny set. Each stitch made with love and a blessing. Made of acrylic yarn for easy washing and drying. Babies are messy. Each set comes with a bunny baby rattle perfect for tiny hands. Size newborn to 6 months. Start a family heritage tradition. $20 Specify color: light blue, pink, yellow, green, or white.

Other hand knitted or crocheted items available. Just ask.

Coming soon ( summer 2020)...
Rhodes Island Red- chicks, chickens, layers, roosters and eggs
Americanas- chicks, chickens, layers , and roosters and eggs. They lay blue eggs!
Brown Jumbo Quail- chicks, starter quads (1 rooster 3 hens), fertilized eggs, quail eggs!

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