Our Mission

To live a self-sufficient and organic lifestyle for the next half century. With the Grace of God and the power of prayer, we will succeed. Nothing is impossible with His help. It wouldn't be us without laughter and joy at the Cockeyed Homestead.

Our Cockeyed Cottage

We presently live in a three bedroom/two bath 1980s double wide trailer. We have plans to build our new homestead home out of tiny houses surrounding a.centralized community building. This new home will be self-sustainable in several ways and off the grid. Solar powered with generator back-ups, a gray water recycling system, composting toilets, and we will also use propane with wood back up for heating and cooking. The plans call for a rain water catchment system and a ram pump to draw water from the spring fed water creek running through the property. Stay with us for future developments.

Our barns, rabbitry (The Warren)and other livestock will also be lit, heated and cooled with solar systems with rain water catchment system in place for the animals and gardens.

The Community Outreach Project
Homesteading plans are continuing for a tiny house  community for Wwoofers. Two- four unit spaces provided. This in part a ministry to teach homesteading with hands-on learning. The homestead will be a sanctuary and place for healing for widows and widowers.

What is necessary to apply to join our homesteading team a willingness to learn. It's hard, but rewarding work. We ask that you have your own source of income. We can't and won;t pay your bills. We ask that you provide your own tiny or RV  preferably off-grid.

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