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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Rioting in the Street

Protests spread to Gainesville - Now Habersham
It wasn't exactly here, but one town over from us. The police were called. They arrived in appropriate riot gear ready to handle the unruly protesters.

The scene was horrific as they confronted the 20 odd head of rioters.
Ten were arrested for...
The arrests include two charges of misdemeanor obstruction, three charges of disorderly conduct, one reckless driving and one pedestrian crossing outside of a crosswalk.  

A 19-year-old man allegedly “acted in a violent and tumultuous manner” toward a Gainesville Police officer “by joining a group of protesters running toward the officer, yelling, ‘He’s by himself. Let’s get him,’” Booth wrote in an email. The officer, Sgt. Kevin Holbrook, was speaking with The Times after much of the crowd had dispersed when the group came toward him. His helmet was flipped off his head and firecrackers were soon thrown in the street.

A 23-year-old man was arrested after being told multiple times to stop running, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

A 33-year-old man was allegedly throwing stuff and being disorderly during a protest, while another 20-year-old man was accused of running from officers and throwing items in the roadway, according to the Sheriff’s Office. (Gainesville Times 6/2/20)

The rest went to McDonald's for a soda or went home.

I'm not making light of the violence nor the initial injustice which caused the current upsurge sweeping the country at large. Even small rural towns are affected too.  For all the arrests made last night, the charges are misdemeanors. Considering what most of us have gone through and still going through because of the lock downs and the Corona virus can't we just get along?

Or as my momma used to say, "Opinions are like butt holes. Everyone has one. Out of respect for other,s try to cover yours by turning the other cheek."


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