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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Called in Account of Rain

We had a plan for this week's major clean up chore. Number one on the list was clean the rabbit hutches and cages. Also was a redesign of one hutch. This chore wasd called on account of rain. Not only did it rain. but our lovely Springtime temperatures dripped as well. The other task planned for this week was gardening and that went out the window also.

My usual quip meaning "go away" is "go play in the rain." I wasn't about to tell Mel that because she probably would and get sick, and then I'd have to deal with the icky Mel. I'm  all about preservation and the top of my list is SELF preservation. We have enough issues on this homestead without adding to them.   

So what did we do with our free time or inside restriction? Well, I'm still working on the issue of Mel's fear of pressure canners. For decades, she has heard all the horror stories. So I've been teaching her the right way to do it. Little by little her fear is being unhinged and she is relaxing. Knowledge and experience has a way of doing that. I expect by harvest time, she'll be more comfortable with the canner hissing and pinging without jumping.

I went to Walmart before I moved here to pick up two cases each of half pint and pint jars ( a majority of my jars were quarts) that I had shipped to the store. The woman who retrieved my order had looked at me strange and asked me what there was to can in February. I explained that for a homesteader canning never stops. I normally can dried beans during the winter. It adds humidity to a fire or otherwise heated house and there is nothing else, like a harvest, compering with canner time and space, but it saves time when cooking

But I digress. We have a pretty good stock pile of readily spun yarn and cotton. Mel's, mine, and her mother's stash were all combined. I have a new granddaughter due in October and we have worn out (think holey) dish clothes. We've set to work. Me, knitting a layette set for Kihara Grace and Mel, crocheting  for the kitchen. Meanwhile, we are talking about short and long term plans for the homestead. We also vegged out in front of the idiot box and binged Netflix series like "Grey's Anatomy," "Call the Midwife," and "Crossing Lines." Sometimes all three at the same time. We are multifocal all the time. Unlike our male counterparts.

When the rain was forecasted, it was called scattered showers. There has been nothing scattered about this. Just a steady falling rain, not heavy, but enough to keep you inside unless you have to go outside. It's mid May and I'm not used to such cooler temperatures. I made a big pot (only three meals worth) of Beef and Vegetable Soup. Mel is very cold natured while I am not. When she wakes  and sees me in my sweater or long sleeves, she knows automatically that it's too chilly for her.

So we've accomplished a lot just nothing outside this week. As always Be Blessed.

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