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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rabbitry Revisited

It's actually level.
As you may remember, we bought a shed for our angora rabbits last year. We insulated it, ran power to it, and added air conditioning to it. We even built a poo removal system. It never really worked as we envisioned it. Mainly because Mel got fed up with the project.

It was too small for the rabbits we had. While the smaller cage worked, the rabbits were miserable. That's not exactly how we wanted to humanely raise our angoras.This is what we came up with after the shed company refused to deliver our carport.

The new rabbitry is 24x12 (outside dimensions). The tarps used are reflective so the sun won't increase the heat on the inside. There still some more that has to be done like bracing and a couple more pallets for the ends. The cages need to be hung, lighting and fans to cool the rabbits even further. We are installing and automatic watering system for the rabbits so no more water bottles. The cattle
panels sit on top of the pallets making the structure almost 8' high at the highest peak. Leaving us plenty of room to move around inside the rabbitry. It will also need chicken wire screwed into the inside pallets to prevent predators and allow the rabbits to hop around on the ground safely. We'll be doing a deep bedding method of the rabbit manure.

To watch the build click here for part 1 and here for part 2. There will be a part 3 with all the stuff mentioned above so stay tuned. It will be a bit more chilly caring for the rabbits during winter but they don't mind. Mel has done a great job on it. Even though I'm not shown on the videos, I did help.

Now to get started on the chicken structure and run. Oi Vey!

Y'all have a blessed day.

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