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Saturday, February 8, 2020

It Finally Looks like Winter at the Cockeyed Homestead!

First it was the rain storm which made me thankful we're on a downhill slope. Flash flood warnings started about 2AM and continued throughout the day.Everywhere was mucky mud when I went out for critter care duty. Each step sucked my shoe down 1/2". But we came through it unscathed. No standing water anywhere. It all ran downhill to the creek 600 ft down. If that thing starts to flood us. I hope we have an ark handy.
I thought this was pretty.

Imagine our surprise when the weather gurus changed the forecast from rain to snow! It was a windy 52 degrees outside. No, the storm was suppose to miss us, wasn't it? Well, the snow started falling at 9AM just as predicted. He also said there  would be 2" of accumulated snow. I just came in from changing out the water bottles and emptying the ice from the chicken water bowl to replace it with hot water. It's 32 degrees outside and gorgeous!

Well as we all know, weathermen lie.

It's still snowing! So far it's 4"-6" deep in some places. In the half hour it took to take care of the critters, the handrail on the stairs had about 1/2" of new snow on it. I had wiped it clear when I went down them. But I did mange to snap some pictures with my camera.

Snow has a way of covering up all our building clutter. LOL A white clean blanket. I just realized the camera caught a snow flake falling. It far upper left. I didn't know my phone could do that.The snow came down in giant flakes. Nice dry flakes which formed a pretty nice snowball which I threw at Mel in the bathroom when I came it. It's the kind of snow that I remember well. Perfect powder back in my skiing days and my childhood in Nebraska.

 The view of the back stairs. My family and daughter in Alaska is probably laughing at this saying, "That's not snow" then points to a window looking outside, "This is snow!" Yeah, I know. I remember well the pictures of a man standing on top of his truck with his hand raised up, and he couldn't reach the top of the snow bank.

 These spare bunny cages are buried six inches under the snow.
Propane tank al a mode!

A picture of the ravine from the top. This is what I climb up and down to pick up kindling for the wood stove. I've made it ten feet down so far of the over 600' drop. Just beyond where you can see, there's a five-foot drop off and a twenty-foot drop off before it slopes down with 2-3 feet drop offs down to the creek bed. The southern side of our homestead. The creek forms our property line to the south and west of our homestead.

A tree down (on the right) along our side driveway. It missed Mel's new Blazer by about ten feet. It came down with the storm and snapped in half... now covered in snow.

 Back of the bunny/chicken hoop barn. The wild blackberry thicket to the right on the other side of the barn is covered in snow. To the upper left is the beginnings of the 50' ridge line going up to Reynaldo's and Luna, his German Shepherd puppy, place. All of our dogs have become communal dogs coming and going to the two properties at will. If you can't find them just call Rey or us because they are probably here. They protect it as a pack. The coyotes or any other predators don't stand a chance now. Nnyus is training both puppies now.

Those are the pictures I took. I hope you enjoyed them. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the fifties so it's bye-bye snow. It sure was pretty while it lasted.

Y'all have a blessed day!
Cockeyed Jo

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