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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cooking with Chef Jo: Not "Lipton" Dry Onion Soup Mix Revisited

A reader commented on the previously published recipe "Where's the rest?" What can I say but "Oops my bad!" As much as I grumble  about articles posted online with obvious misspellings, poor grammar, and not getting to the point...it was my turn with this posting. For this, I apologize.

I could cite a number of excuses like I'm writing post stroke with aphasia, "Hey, cut me some slack. I'm typing one-handed here." or the computer had a mind of its own and ate it, but I won't. It was my error and not proof reading the post carefully before posting. Since I'm also writing a cookbook with all these recipes and more, it was a copy/paste error.

You may have noticed I use quite a few graphics in my blog instead of just text. In fact, my graphics folder on my computer has over 15K worth subdivided into about 50 sub-folders, and folders within those folders. I really dislike knowing I have something and not be able to find it. It's the same way with my documents and favorites, though not nearly as many. Organize and anal much? It's more for convenience, time crunches, and being practical.

I'm not opposed to buying the mix and have in a pinch, but the sodium is off the chain of the recommended AHA (American Heart Association) levels of sodium per day so I make my own from scratch to pare down the sodium.

Without further a due, My "Not "Lipton" Dry Onion Soup Mix."I'll give you the standard 2 serving as in a pouch of the store bought soup mix. When I make this I usually quadruple the recipe so I always have some on hand.

Not Lipton Dry Onion Soup Mix
Makes 1 oz dry serving of Onion Soup Mix or 1 pouch of packaged mix.
What you'll need
1/4 cup dehydrated onion flakes*
2 tsp dehydrated beef bone broth,* 1 tsp low sodium beef broth granules
1/2 tsp onion powder for extra oniony flavor*
1/2 tsp celery flakes or ground celery*
1/2 tsp garlic powder*
1/4 tsp white pepper
1/4 tsp smoked  paprika*
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce, added before service

Notes*- I dehydrate Vidala onions when in season. I rake through my dehydrated onions slices with a fork to flake them. No added sugar is necessary. I have substituted Texas Sweet for the Vidala with varying results..
I roast my beef bones with pepper before making bone broth. I always substitute bone broth for stock or bouillon for the nutritional boost. I dehydrate it using a jelly roll screen in my dehydrator.
I use our own, home grown garlic and onions dehydrated and ground into powders.
For celery flakes, dehydrate only the leafy parts and small stems of the celery.
I use smoked paprika rather than regular or sweet paprika for a subtle flavor boost.

Putting it together
  • Measure all ingredients and place in s air tight container. 
  • Shake well. 
  • Store in a cool, dark place.
  • When reconstituting this for soup, Bring 2 cups of boiling water to the mixture. If you make it in bulk like I do, 1/4 cup of shaken mix 2 cups.
  • Bring soup up to a boil again, cover and let steep for 4 minutes.
  • Don't forget the Worcestershire sauce!
Use this in all your favorite Lipton recipes like roast beef and dips, or simply garnish with green onions and thinly, sliced mushroom. 

     Y'all have a blessed day!
Cockeyed Jo


  1. YAY! Thank you Chef Jo! It actually sounds better than the old Lipton stuff, which now would probably taste like chemicals to us. I have some old favorite recipes that I can start using again with your Not-Lipton dry mix.

    1. As with most homemade staples, it always tastes better. No chemicals and very reduced sodium. I find that the salt is used to cover up the junk that's in there since the tongue has more taste buds for salt and sugar receptors. A lot of the chemical preservatives have a bitter or sour taste to them. Granted, they may have a longer shelf life supposedly, but oh what it does to your body!


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